Partnerships are the core of our business model

NuOrion Partners is a simplified operating business giving us the flexibility to develop several interrelated partnerships for each investment opportunity. We believe that these partnerships increase the probability of substantial gains while reducing investment risk.

We establish separate investment vehicles for each investment giving us the greatest flexibility to align the interests of all of the participants. Broadly we look to partner with outside managers, who help us to understand the potential and risks for each investment, specialized investment firms, who can add specific execution expertise and our family investors, who frequently have industrial and geographic expertise.

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Partnerships with talented management teams

We want to be the ideal partner for best-in-class management teams. We structure our investment partnerships so that our managers have a direct, side-by-side interest with us in the partnership for each investment. In this way, for example, we can work with an outside manager on a investment when we are uncertain whether we can (or should) replace an incumbent management team.

Partnerships with our investors

Most of our investment partners want to be involved in the investment value creation process as opposed to being passive, indirect investors. They are looking for direct investment opportunities where they can contribute. Many have deep expertise in a particular industry and may currently own a similar company and many understand the idiosyncrasies of running businesses in different regions of the world. For each investment, we leverage these skills to improve the capability of our overall effort.

Partnerships with specialized investment firms

We often expand our investment reach and capability though partnerships with specialized investment firms. These firms have long track records of executing certain types of investment strategies, including public market activist investments, leveraged buyouts and distressed security investing.

Partnerships with leading banks & custodians

Each investment in made into an individual fund that is administered by a leading global bank. This bank is responsible for handling all of the "plumbing" associated with the investment including holding all client assets, providing investor statements and transaction accounting, and handling the physical execution of the investment (e.g. clearing of trades). The bank also has responsibility for many key regulatory items including AML and FACTA.

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