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Entrepreneurial approach to investing

We have an owner/operator approach to investing based on the belief that a clear alignment of interest between investors and management teams will lead to both higher returns and lower risk. We form specific investment partnerships with best-in-class managers to target specific opportunities or industry segments. These owner/operator partnerships help us to identify unique investment opportunities and critically provide the operating capability to transform these companies.

Our investment philosophy

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Great companies trading at a discount to strategic value

We search for corporate fallen angels using an investment process driven by rigorous fundamental analysis. We look for opportunities that trade at a deep discount to their intrinsic value. Often this discount is directly related to poor strategic and operating performance that needs to be changed.

Active involvement with all investments

NuOrion seeks to have a direct, positive impact on the investments that we make and to be a catalyst for positive change. This active involvement starts with the development of the investment opportunity, in partnership with our management partners, and continues through the full life-cycle of the investment.

Partnerships with outstanding managers

NuOrion works with outstanding operating managers on each investment opportunity. By doing this, we are able to obtain significant "local" expertise in the execution of the opportunity. These managers become direct owners of the partnerships that we form for each investment.

Merchant banking approach to raising capital

We establish a separate investment vehicle for each investment and seek investors who want to directly participate with us in the value creation process. By doing this, we can align the appetite of each investor with specific opportunities and can tailor the financial terms of that investment to the dynamics of the opportunity. Many of our investors have a deep industrial understanding of the investment opportunity and therefore can add expertise. We identify our investment partners largely though a small group of independent private bankers located around the world.

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